Before my wedding, I went with my brother-in-law, Gary, along with Pietro and Genta, a couple of friends from the city, to a cabin my parents share with their friends on Peterson Lake, just off the 97C. The lake is close to Pennask Lake, a popular spot for fishing, and Rouse Lake, which is a short walk away on an old forestry road where they keep an old rowboat locked up. The second day we were there, Dwayne and Braden, a couple of old friends came with Braden’s giant canoe, that had been used at the 2010 Olympic opening ceremonies.

Camera Test

Super 8mm camera test, shot around Bloedel Conservatory in April 2016. Camera is a Bell & Howell, not sure about the model, but it has a faux-wood panelling on the body, and it’s fully automatic. Shot this test on 50D in the late afternoon on a sunny day, so not sure if that’s why the film looks overexposed or if the auto-exposure function doesn’t work anymore.