Rolling Thunder (2013)

In relation to other riots and protests that were happening around the world at the time, from Greece, Iceland, and London, to the Arab Spring, the 2011 Stanley Cup Riot was a response of violence and destruction to the results of a hockey game. Businesses were vandalized and bystanders were assaulted, but the greatest casualty of the riot were vehicles. A 2012 report, released by the Vancouver Police Department, indicated that 122 vehicles were smashed, turned over and set ablaze as the riot swarmed its way through a few city blocks, leaving a series of smouldering monuments in its wake.
The footage included in the exhibition was generously provided by the Vancouver CBC Archives, with special thanks to Colin Preston.
Exhibition soundtrack by Krista Loewen and Stephen O’Shea.

Vancouver Police Department 2011 Stanley Cup Riot Review


Early test with CBC Archive footage and sountrack