Giant’s Head, 2067 (2019)

Giant’s Head mountain is a dead volcano that rises from the centre of Summerland, British Columbia. From the mountain’s peak aerial views of the town and its surrounding residential and agricultural areas extend to the mountains climbing west. At the top, under a monumental boulder and encased in concrete, is a time capsule to be opened on July 1st, 2067. Using Giant’s Head summit as a point of speculation, this film uses the lens of science fiction to consider how this rural landscape will appear in the future, and to explore the question, what is the ideal amount of change in a landscape over time?

Produced for Under the Beating Sun, From Summer to Summer, curated by Caitlin Chaisson.

Soundtrack by Stephen Carl O’Shea.


Stills from 16mm film transferred to HD video, b/w, sound, 5’22”


Screening at Access Gallery, 18 July 2019 (documentation courtesy of Far Afield)